Star Analyzer Investment Analysis

Investment Analyzer Features and Benefits
Program and Investing Help
Free Tech Support for One Full Year
Investing Help on Every Word
Comprehensive (Short) Training Videos 
Investment Analysis Course
Program Navigation
Simple and Intuitive Data Entry 
Storage for Hundreds of Properties
3-D Charts and Graphs
Data Sliders for What-if Analysis
Group Properties by Person or Keyword
Sort by Address, Description, GRM, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, etc.
Use with 1, 2, or 3 Computers
Use a Local Area Network (Ethernet)
Synchronize Across the Cloud 
Runs on both Windows and Mac
Property Data
Purchase Property Analysis
Discounted Property Analysis
Portfolio Property Analysis 
Public and Private Notes
Property Photos
Customized Executive Summary
Income Data
Estimated Income
Itemized Income 
Future Income Escalator 
Future Rents and Vacancies
Future Other Income
Actual and Proforma Income
Expense Data
Estimated Expenses 
Itemized Expenses
Future Expenses Escalator 
Future Expenses
Actual and Proforma Expenses 
Future Value Escalators
Cap Rate
Gross Rent Multiplier
Cost Recovery
Allocation of Cost Basis 
Custom Basis Adjustment
Capital Additions
Future Capital Additions
Replacement Reserve Funding
After-tax Cash Flow
Investor Status
After-tax Proceeds from Sale
Annual Property Operating Data
Annual Values with Year Spinner 
Investment Indicators
Before-tax Cash Flow
After-tax Cash Flow
Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
Cap Rate
Cash on Cash
Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
Return on Gross Equity
Return on Net Equity
IRR Before Tax
IRR After Tax
Before-tax Proceeds from Sale
Modified DCR
NPV After Tax
After-tax Proceeds from Sale
Return on Investment
Total Initial Investment
Cash Flow Before Tax
Principal Reduction
Tax Savings
Total Investment Return
Annual Values 
Monthly Values 
Combined 40-year Values
Before-tax Cash Flow
After-tax Cash Flow
Equity Values
After-tax Proceeds from Sale
 3-D Charts and Graphs
Annual Data 
Aspects of Equity Growth
Investment Comparison
Cost Recovery
Common Indicators
Replacement Reserves
General Reports
Send to Printer or PDF File 
Color or Black and White
Send PDF file by e-mail
Cover Page with Photo and Logo
Multiple Property Photos
Income and Expenses Details
Future Assumptions
Property Data Sheet
Annual Property Operating Data
Comparison Charts
Annual Charts
Actual and Proforma Data 
 Spreadsheet Reports
Send to Printer or PDF File 
Before-tax Cash Flow
After-tax Cash Flow
After-tax Proceeds from Sale