Testimonials from Investors, Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, and Trainers

“The Star Analyzer has been amazing for my business!!! I specialize in Multi-Unit Investment properties and the Analyzer has been crucial in my success. I currently have a 24 unit deal closing in November with a out of town buyer that the reports generated on Star Analyzer helped to sell him on the investment!" Jeff Coutts Photo
Jeff Coutts
Keller Williams Executives
“I just purchased Star Analyzer, but after using it once, I am already better able to make informed decisions about whether to invest or not. I am also able to present to optimistic sellers the actual operating data of their properties in an effort to obtain a reasonable price.” Noel Reese
“This software is so easy to use.  It gives both a seller and a buyer great information.  For a Realtor, this is a fantastic tool everyone should have loaded on their computers.” Jill Samuels Photo
Jill Samuels, Broker Associate
Nostalgic Homes
“The Star Analyzer is the best program I have come across for analyzing the viability of purchasing a property. I have looked at over 6 different programs and NONE of them even come close to the capabilities of the Star Analyzer. I have also found the company to be EXTERMELY responsive to requests for assistance and willing to add features that assist me in making my decisions. I would be lost in my investing in properties without this program.” Dave Korpi
“Thank you so much for your program and your service! I would recommend your program to anyone considering purchasing a good quality easy to use investment analysis program for their real estate business or their own personal use.” George Krause Photo
George Krause
Century 21 Action Realty
“I use Star Analyzer for all my real estate ventures. I don't use anything else but that. It's helped me calculate cap rates, cash on cash and IRR. It's a perfect tool for real estate investors. I don't travel without it. It's the greatest tool. It's a must for all real estate investors.” Elaine A. Kahaku
"Star Analyzer is a lifesaver! There are no classes that can replace the wisdom of this user friendly program. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it!" Sandy Mirisch Photo
Sandy Mirisch
I have been in real estate investing since 1981 and developing real estate since 1993. I have tried 3 or 4 other investment analysis software programs prior to Star Analyzer including creating my own Excel spreadsheets. I've come to realize over the years in the value of good software tools. By far, Star Analyzer is the best rental analysis tool I have used or seen. I perceive the cost as minimal compared to the value I have derived from using it. Thank you Star Analyzer for making our investing easier. Jerry Minney
Broker One Real Estate
“I have sold several properties to real estate investors using Star Analyzer. The software organizes property and financial information then does all the financial calculations for me. The reports are easy to read and great for me present to my customers.  It’s the best real estate investment software I’ve seen.” Lou Frangos Photo
Louis Frangos
Best Choice Realty
“Star Analyzer has been a real blessing to my analysis of rental and investment properties. I use the software here at Century 21 Cornerstone to do analysis on development opportunities, rentals, and investors for residential purchases. It is straight forward and very user friendly. Thanks for all the work that has been put into the application.” Robert E. (Bob) Brooks, Branch Manager
Century 21 Cornerstone
“I am a Realtor and new user of Star Analyzer, and need to work with it more, but I think it's going to be very useful. I do mostly residential and small multifamily 1031 exchanges for myself and investors. I am just getting into property management for some investors that I have sold some multifamily properties. I think it will be helpful to demonstrate the stats after we have some history. On the other hand for purchasing properties since all the figures are estimates or figures we are given by seller, the accuracy of the final figures can only be as good as the estimated expenses.” Susan Nelson Photo
Susan Nelson
Re/Max Professional Group

"I have been in the commercial real estate business for over 35 years and this is best program I have seen."

Jack Johnson

“I use Star Analyzer to evaluate residential rental income property.  The report called the Annual Property Operating Data prospectus (APOD) is indispensable to me and my investor clients in determining a property's value.  As good as the software is, the folks at Star Analyzer are the real value.  They listen, they respond - they are the poster child of great customer service.” Tim Theiss Photo
Tim Theiss
Keller Williams High Desert Realty
"I found Star Analyzer on the web.  I was actively looking for some kind of investment software that would make a good presentation to my clients.  I found Star Analyzer, tried it, bought it and have been thrilled from day 1!    It was absolutely the most user friendly software I have ever used.   There was almost no learning curve, and I am not a computer whiz!   In addition, my clients absolutely love the package Star Analyzer produces!"  Kate Howell
“As a Real Estate agent in San Diego, CA and an investor myself, I have used Star Analyzer to both manage my properties and to give my clients instant cash flow specs on their prospective properties. I can instantly take a screen grab of the cash flow chart and show my clients instant real data. They love the instant calculations and I no longer have to manually ‘guesstimate’ my cash flow returns for either myself or others. It makes managing and projecting future returns a breeze. The best feature is the easy to use sliders to change rents, or costs, etc. No more doing by hand or calculator. Instant Feedback and easy to use.” Cherie Blut Photo
Cherie Blut
Prudential CA Realty
“After working with a variety of spreadsheets and gaining an appreciation for the need to simply and effectively present information to clients, I have found the format and reports from Star Analyzer very effective.” Scott R Trevey CCIM
RE/MAX Commercial Investment
“I think Star Analyzer  is the greatest program I use in my business.  I do a considerable amount of investment properties for clients and I always use this program to “get the price right”.  The program is easy to use and very comprehensive.  I showed this to a CCIM instructor sometime ago and his response was ‘this is even better that the program offered by our organization and easier to use.’  This  program and the people who produce it are as good as it gets.” Don Anderson Photo
Don L. Andersen
Don L. Andersen Real Estate
“I love the program.  I feel like it gives me a very solid platform to present important data to my investor clients.  The ‘what if’ scenario opens dialogue for future possibilities of a given property that may not have initially seemed profitable.  I really like the fact that the spreadsheet provides figures for before and after taxes, again providing information not initially obvious thereby making the property a more positive investment.  There are many features I enjoy about the program.  I feel like it gives me an edge over other agents and helps me define myself as a specialist in the field. It’s a great program.” Julie K. Pohl, GRI, ABR
Windermere Real Estate
“Star Analyzer has been extremely helpful in analyzing my real estate purchase opportunities. It's quick and easy, and the reports are straight forward and easy to read. The print feature allows me to provide a clear, concise analysis report to a lender, which makes the financing task easy. And the ability to easily include a picture of the property helps to quickly tell one property from the next.”

Jim Prentiss

“I can honestly say that the help system is well laid-out and provides excellent information at the time I need it, and is sensitive to the topic when entering information in the program. However, more importantly, when I had additional questions, I called your help line, and the person who wrote the program took the time to answer all my “dumb” questions. To that end, I was VERY impressed.” Dave Simpson
“As a long-time, beginning real estate investor, my understanding, comfort-level, experience, and profitability have all increased since I have started using the Star Analyzer.  It provides an easy to use way to collect the relevant information about properties I am interested in examining as well as more analysis metrics than I would think of evaluating.  It provides ways that my broker can give me information about properties to evaluate and we can discuss the merits of the deal in a fact based manner.” Investor Photo
Bruce Davis
“I can say that I have found the Star Analyzer and excellent tool to evaluate multi family investments. It is user friendly and gives me as much data as I need to evaluate multiple investments.” John Levy
"As a residential real estate investor and broker, I am always looking for products that are easy to use, affordable and accurate when it comes to evaluating my potential purchases.  As such, I recently used your product to evaluate the purchase a new home.  After putting in all the known values and ‘running the program’  it produced a report that was colorful, easy to read, accurate and thorough.  The numbers came out as I had hoped and I bought the property.  I have a positive cash flow of over $200.00 per month.  And your customer service and follow up has been excellent.”   Lee Elmstedt Photo
Lee Elmstedt
Broker, Investor
Veteran, Realtor
“I think that the Star Analyzer software program is an indispensable tool when analyzing multiple properties. It helps to remove ones emotions from a property and enables you to just look at the numbers - which never lie. Either the property can perform or it can't. The added features of a property photo on the page and being able to do long term projections is just great. If you're serious about investing in real estate then this is a very worthy investment, which you can of course write off!" Andy Drefs
“My experience is that Star Analyzer has a super product in Star Analyzer and the response to my inquiries on technical questions and updates has been timely and helpful. Looking forward to the next update!” Philip Farrocco
“We specialize in selling multi family income properties. Over the years, we have used everything from a single sheet of paper to excel spread sheets to complicated software programs to evaluate a property’s worth and rate of return, etc. When we came across the Star Analyzer, we immediately realized that this was an exceptional program. All the features are usable. I love the fact that I can put the cursor over any word, click, and an explanation box pops up clearly defining what I clicked on. That’s a great way to learn the “lingo” and become an expert in this field. This program will give you instant credibility with your prospective clients.” Randy Hoese
RHS Investment Properties Group
“Thought you should know that whenever a Client asks about software to analyze their investment property, I always tell them about Star Analyzer. Cari Vinci
“I have been a happy user of star analyzer for several years.  It was especially helpful in my early years of investing since it gave me the confidence to complete my due process on transactions that were much bigger than I ever done before.  I have used other software that tries to accomplish what star analyzer has done, but none can match the depth and versatility of star analyzer. Now that I am a more experienced real estate investor, I feel confident recommending your system to young investors eager to learn how to analyze prospective real estate purchases.  I use the system to monitor the value increases in my current holdings. I can talk Cap Rates, ROI, Cash on Cash with the most sophisticated investors.” Raymond Sanchez
“I am a Realtor, specializing in real estate investments(second homes and income properties). My husband and I own several properties and I have many clients that own several properties. Star Analyzer gives me the ability to see if a property will be a good investment in just a few seconds. I have only been using the Star Analyzer software for a few months. Even as a novice user, I find the software intuitive. I use the help features quite a lot – not just for the functionality of the software, but also for the explanations and definitions of all of the investment terms. It has proven its worth time and time again by giving me answers to “what if” scenarios so I can make informed decisions about buying/selling.” Diane Czarkowski, Construction Design Group
Home Real Estate
“Star Analyzer is a very powerful, useful and easy to use income property analyzer. Your program came highly recommended by Asset Preservation, one of the biggest companies in 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Since using your program, I feel very comfortable and confident in speaking to my clients about investing their money in multi-unit properties. Star Analyzer allows us to apply different scenarios to one or more properties helping my clients make intelligent decisions based on numbers, not conjecture. I look forward to using your program throughout my real estate career.” Henry Suarez
“The Star Analyzer out performs all other programs I have tried and bought. I would recommend it to any other Agent (not in my area of course) It is simple to under stand yet very powerful.” Rob Wills
Gilpin Realty and Financial Advantage
“I have become one of your biggest fans! Your Analyzer program has taken the comparison test and won every time. I always recommend the Analyzer to my associates and anyone I meet with an interest in investment real estate. Thank you for producing such a useful tool for our industry.” Gregory P. DeBerry
Property Consultant
Ranch & Sea Realty
“Thank you for all your follow ups with me when I purchased the software (Star Analyzer). It is a wonderful intuitive program and with all the tutorials, it is very easy to understand the examples. It makes learning and understanding the needed calculations for exchange a breeze. I would recommend Star Analyzer for anyone currently working with real estate investors and especially for those of us who would like to build a level of expertise in that aspect of our real estate business.” William Johnson, GRI CRS
E/MAX Associates
San Diego
“Four years ago, I discovered Star Analyzer. Of course I compared it to many programs out there, but Star Analyzer met my needs beyond my expectations.  I have used the Star Analyzer to analyze real estate projects. I can identify and compare the best investment property and make realistic proformas to track the project's returns.  I have amazed my lenders by providing professional looking analysis and projection scenarios.  I find it delightful to show how well my property management teams are minimizing costs by showing that current returns and cash flows surpass those projected.  I would highly recommend Star Analyzer to both the new and seasoned real estate investor.” Beverly Cole
Wharton MBA/ Attorney
“Star Analyzer has helped me immensely with clients, realtors, and other brokers, as far as credibility in helping them assess their decision in purchasing an investment property; I always feel confident if I am in the mix of a transaction, and the client trusts my contribution based on the Star Analyzer data.” Roger De Salles
Senior Loan Consultant
“We are a real estate investment company (Foam Street Investments, Inc.) we use your product to analyze all real estate transactions….your program gives us immediate calculations of Cash on Cash Returns, Internal Rate of Return, Cap Rates, Net Operating Income everything we need to determine whether a property makes sense for us…your reports are excellent and allow for easy comparison of properties.” Maggie Moratz
Bookkeeping Management Services
"I have personally been using the Star Analyzer for over five years now.  I have found that it's an easy, efficient and effective way to quickly analyze a property's cash flows and financial data to help me determine whether to buy, hold or sell." William L. Exeter
President and CEO
TransUnion Exchange Corporation