Star Analyzer for Real Estate Investments

With help available at every step, complex real estate investment calculations are made easy. It quickly performs many types of important analyses on single-family, multi-family and commercial properties.

Whether you are new to the business, or have been investing for years, Star Analyzer will make your investing decisions a breeze.

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Investment Optimizer

Investment Optimizer

If you own a rental property, or are considering purchasing one, the Investment Optimizer can show you the best time to sell or refinance the property.

By effectively using the proceeds from sale or cash-out-refinance from your original property, your newly acquired properties cost you nothing, and will yield great returns.

Quick Optimizer Overview Video

Optimize a New Property Video

Optimize an Existing Property Video

Optimize a Cash Investment Video

Star Analyzer handles these types of property analysis

  • Purchase and Hold
  • Discounted Purchase
  • Fix and Flip
  • Existing Portfolio of Properties
  • Property Comparisons
  • Printed and PDF Reports
  • Retirement Calculator

And works with these types of properties

  • Single-family Homes
  • Multi-family Units or Apartment Buildings
  • Malls or Office Buildings

It also includes these Quick Reports

  • Retirement Calculator
  • Amortization Table

Star Analyzer operates on multiple devices

  • Resize fonts and controls for easy viewing on any computer
  • Runs on both Windows and Mac computers
  • Use with one, two, or three computers
  • Share data on a local area network

Star Analyzer works with the Cloud

  • Backup your data to a free Cloud account
  • Synchronize your laptop and desktop across the Cloud
  • This is a fast computer-based (not web-based) program. The cloud is used for data transfer only.

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More details about Star Investment Analyzer

With help available at every step, complex investment calculations are made easy, whether you are a beginning investor or a seasoned professional.

You will have confidence in your investment decisions by knowing the Cap Rate, GRM, Cash on Cash, Before and After Tax Cash Flow, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, and other important investment indicators over the lifetime of your property.

View up to forty years of investing calculations, in monthly or annual, and spreadsheet or graphical views, and you export the spreadsheet to Excel for further processing.

The quality printed and PDF reports and colorful 3-D charts give you and your customers the information needed to make buying decisions.

Rehab analysis is simple because you can enter multi-year income and expense data and unit mixes for both Residential and Commercial properties.

Whether you are new to the business, or have been investing for years, Star Analyzer will make your investing decisions a breeze.


"Star Analyzer gives me such a competitive edge compared to my colleagues. I can literally do things that my competitors can only dream about"

-- Shannon Mar

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